The New Queensland House

The New Queensland House examines the distinct and unique lifestyle embodied by the Sunshine State’s contemporary architecture. Written by Cameron Bruhn and Katelin Butler, this detailed Thames & Hudson published volume showcases 28 examples of architect-designed houses from across the early 21st century, profiling how these residences embrace the state’s unique year-round outdoor living.

Our design response for this new publication celebrates all things Queensland, representing an opportunity to situate the state’s leading architecture rightfully alongside those of its southern counterparts. To achieve this we conceived of a publication that looked and felt distinct from the design of comparative texts from interstate. Our answer was to foreground qualities that we saw as unique to Queensland life within our design approach—warmth, human-centredness, and accessibility.

The design revolves around the lush photographic documentation of these stunning houses, complemented by a layout and typographic selection that is bold, elevated, and sophisticated. The use of Monkey Type’s Banana Grotesk links international, modern post-war design lineages with the tropical bounty of our home state through its rounded and sometimes curvy shape. This sense of warmth and playfulness continues in the use of colours for full-bleed section dividers, referencing Queensland’s landscapes via a palette of red earth, blue sky on a cloudless day, eucalypt green, and hot sand.

The resulting design reflects the book’s focus on the specificities of the state’s architectural design, as a celebration of forward-thinking Queensland design.

Project Scope

  • Book Design
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