Bu Deli

Bu Deli is better butter. A satisfyingly rich and creamy alternative to traditional butter, derived entirely from plants. Versatile and indulgent, it’s ready to enhance any culinary creation, whether spread, baked, cooked, or melted.

Viewing the product on the shelf as a primary opportunity to convert those who love to cook from a dairy to a plant-based product, we developed a brand identity for Bu Deli that was clear and confident. Bu Deli is a new classic, drawing on the rich tradition of butter making, whilst advocating for a conscious and sustainable future — without resorting to empty virtue signalling.

Collaborating with photographer Annika Kafcaloudis and stylist Stephanie Somebody, the brand photography for Bu Deli is both an homage to the traditional and a celebration of the new. Ingredients and domestic props are artfully arranged, reminiscent of the opulent still-life paintings of French realists such as Antoine Vollon. Bu Deli’s mouth-watering rich flavour and creamy texture is captured so vividly, creating a photographic equivalent of onomatopoeia.

In alignment with the Bu Deli brand, the website experience seamlessly integrates classical imagery with bold graphics and playful interactions. The versatility of Bu Deli butter is showcased on their website—whether it’s slathered on toast or whipped into a rich chocolate buttercream.

Project Scope

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Website design
  • Photography Art Direction


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