The Kind Sunscreen

Being kind to yourself doesn’t have to mean not extending kindness to the planet. Enter: The Kind Sunscreen, with a brand identity and packaging that embodies this same quality of care.

Pioneering skincare with a mission: an Australian-made and packaged, broad-spectrum sunscreen produced with all-natural ingredients, suitable for the sensitive amongst us — and, it’s vegan. The Kind Sunscreen, like its name suggests, is all about care: for yourself, your family, and for our planet.

Our job was to conceive of a brand strategy, identity, and packaging that embodied these qualities — and also broke with the normalised image of sunscreen products: which often pander to cliché, gender codes, or have cold, clinical branding. The result describes the product’s all-natural DNA and, through its sun-kissed, earth-coloured packaging, wears its home-grown status proudly.

A further goal through the brand strategy was to also help educate the Australian consumer about the benefits of a more natural approach to sun protection. Unlike typical chemical sunscreens, The Kind Sunscreen is a ‘physical’ sunscreen — utilising a gentle formula that builds a protective layer on the skin, rather than soaking into the epidermis with its nasty ingredients.

These qualities of care and kindness extend to our packaging design: produced with recycled materials and vegetable inks and constructed from raw boxboard to imbue a sense of warmth and humanity — and doing away with the tired apothecary aesthetic. The outcome is a product that is approachable, appealing, and reflects the brand’s core values.

Project Scope

  • Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Photography Art Direction


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